Singapore, Sufism & Sexual Assault – Your Friday Sermon

Hey fellow Muslims,

Never thought I would write those words in the same sentence.
But if that finally got your attention, good. Because this one concerns you.

The last few days I have been crying blood that our Muslim community is facing an epidemic moral crisis. One that no one wants to address :

The abuse of authority, influence, power and position by Muslim religious and community figures where sexual harassment, assault and abuse is concerned. 

When it comes to the subject of sexual allegations, the majority of Muslims are ignorant.
You think it is all about police reports and evidence & that should be the way to deal with it – and that too, if you were amongst the rare few to get over the cognitive dissonance & denial.

You say it is Aib. A private affair. It is non of our business.

And that’s the funniest part. That you, yes you – you think you have nothing to do with this. That if you were to “leave it to Allah”, you are being righteous.

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news for this one but it will be a disservice to the faith I believe in, if I don’t tell you the reality.

That if you believe in Allah and if you believe in everything His final messenger sent forth – this IS your business.
I assure you that Allah did not make you a vicegerent on earth to merely eat and shit in it. Or to witness injustice & oppression and assume it has nothing to do with you.
The Prophet’s death AND life is in vain if you sit here & tell me that this gross miscarriage of injustice by our Muslim leaders has no bearing on your accountability to Allah.

But how do we hold our leaders accountable? In fact, who should hold Muslim religious and community leaders accountable?

And are they on the same level of accountability as the rest of the community?
Will Allah judge them with a different standard of accountability?

How did our Prophet (pbuh) and our Sahabas (pbut) dealt with Muslim religious and community leaders?

Are there un-refuted answers  to these questions?


And now we’ve come to the part where I bring you glad tidings from your Lord.

In order to full understand the gravity of what we are dealing with and what your role is as a Muslim (so you don’t stand before Allah filled with regret), I am going to break  this entire thing down for you and will be Islam-splaining  in the simplest way possible.

So simple that even if you are consumed with extreme ignorance on this subject or you are the religious leader that’s committing abuse or you’re just a hater, you will understand the crisis we are in.

But you see, because the scale of what we are getting into is massive, (I mean, we’re talking about your favourite Sidis, Shaykhs, Imams, CEOs, Directors, Muftis of the top tariqahs and institutions and islamic centres and community leaders etc etc involved in some of the worst forms of abuse towards girls, women, boys and men. Oh & I have photos, videos, emails and recordings… Gah!) I will need more than one blog post.

As such, I will be releasing multiple videos to fully tear this down once and for all.
To make Muslim leadership great again.
To make our community great again.

The videos will appear in succession meaning if you don’t watch part 1, you cannot be an audience for part 2. And if you don’t watch part 1 and 2, you won’t understand part 3.
You have to watch them in order and in it’s entirety. It’s the least you can do to revive your community.

Enough talk.
Brace yourselves. Watch these videos. Share it & get everyone on board.

Our Prophet (pbuh) and the Muslims before us did what they had to for their generation and the Muslims who will come after them.
We must do what we can for our generation and those who will come after we’re gone.

Bravely yours,

Muslim Religious & Community Leaders and the Abuse of Power
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: *will be updated soon*

PS: How will you know when the next video is out?
I’ll announce it here.